About us- Woke Apparel, More than a hashtag.

The official shop for Woke and Stay Woke.  

What is Woke?

Founded by Claudia Feliciano, aka Snow Tha Product, Woke was an idea that originated from not being a sleepwalker through life and instead, being awakened and available to opportunity when that motherfucker shows up to your doorstep.  

Snow has managed to plant the seed of her vision and watch it grow into a brand that continues to set trends and propel hip hop fashion to the next level.


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Woke offers a variety of streetwear clothing items including snapbacks, strapbacks, hoodies, tank tops, female fashion, tshirts, joggers and other apparel and accessories.   

Are you Woke?

Woke is independently owned.  It embodies the spirit of true entrepreneurship and individuality.  Feliciano's "take no shit, get shit done" mentality has boosted what was simply a vision, into a full-fledged self sustaining lifestyle brand that has the whole world #woke.