"I'm Tired of Voting for the Same System that's giving Us the Crumbs, Baby, It's Time for a Slice of the Cake!"

Ya'll remember when Trump had to make suuuuuch a point that hispanics love him that he insisted on holding his like one hispanic voter in front of the crowd like she was Rose hanging off of the Titanic?  Or like some trophy that you show your mom when you run inside and you're like, seeeeeeee, they do like me!  As in like one.  One likes you Trump.  Okay, just thought that was necessary to bring up. 

Okay, so Stacy Dash ain't the only one with some uh, interesting ideologies.  Insert "Donald Trump Super Fans." 

"We are one race, and that's the human race! And in this room, allllllll of our lives matter."

Heeeere we go again. Insert racist Trump supporters awkwardly, yet very confidently agreeing.  I mean, there's just something about racist white people feeling COMPLETELY fucking comfortable clapping along to something racist said by someone not white, that makes it feel, well, STILL FUCKING RACIST!   

Before we go on. Check out the video below.

If nothing else, I would like these women to like, give me motivational speeches throughout my day.  "Brush them teeth, girl.  EVERY tooth matters!"


The woman on the right? Well, she is one HELL of a hype woman. Echoes of "every tooth" and "mmhm, brush em girl" play out until I have thoroughly removed every OUNCE of plaque from my mouth.

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  • Abe on

    Fuck dude he a racist bitch, dude needs to smack his self.

  • Manny De Loera on

    Thanks for keep everyone updated an letting us know about what’s going on in the world. This was interesting. Stay Woke

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