Edible Arrangements [Mexican Edition]

Learn How to Turn an Edible Arrangement Mexican

Cause, well, ya'll Snow is a business woman right?  Watch her new business proposal of how to turn the fruit on the corner into an actual profiting si-chi-a-tion.

Check out the vlog below and let us know in the comments if you like the vlogs and what else you want to see! Thanks for tuning in! 

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  • Jesse james nikoden on

    Snow(Claudia) please hit me up…..i was at a foco co. Show i would really love to speak with you…..Love the shy guy

  • Alyssa Medina on

    That fruit looked really great lol I never tried fruit with all of that on there all at once! If that made since lol

  • Manny De Loera on

    Funny vlog! Fruit looks good with all the chile on it✊?????? Stay Woke. Thanks

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