Guys, holy shit. Seems like forever since we've said hello on the official Staywoke.Clothing blog.  So here we are... and HELLO! There is OH so much to update you on! We've been revamping the gear and there are more designs and streetwear options to rep the Official Woke Clothing brand than ever before.  From Kids Clothing to Woke Women's Apparel to your favorite fashion fit hoodies and beanies galore.  Yes, galore.  2017 has been nothing short of a Woke Apparel Revolution.  We would like to welcome ya'll back to the party and also say thank you for the continued support! 

Check it out below! 


Letting the world know we've BEEN woke.  The new The Been Woke design comes on dad hats, kid's clothing (Yes, kids clothing. More on that below), wristbands, tee's and more!   

Been Woke Dad HatWoke BraceletLong Sleeve Woke Tee


Ya'll been asking for kids clothing so we brought you kids clothing.  With said kids clothing comes a variety of options for infant clothing too! Tons of new designs printed on ring spun cotton fashion fit hoodies and tees!  Take a look now! 

kids been woke teeshirt Kids Stay Woke Hoodie


Not only have we gotten new clothing styles this year, we also have been working hard on new logos and designs! A personal fav is the "We are the Kids that Don't Sleep."

Long Sleeve Stay Woke TeeWoke HoodieSnow Tha Product WokeWoke Alarm Tee


Ya'll ALSO been asking for this.  Snow and Eli been goin' IN on gettin' all the latest and greatest women's Woke Apparel to you! Featuring new tank tops, hoodies, and joggers, take a look at the new Woke Women's clothing has to offer!

 Stay Woke Off the ShoulderStay Woke JoggersStay Woke HoodieStay Woke Tank TopStay Woke Tank Top


 I think we have Snow fans in the house.  If ya'll are fans of Snow Tha Product, chances are, you all will enjoy this new Snow Tha Product x Woke Gear.  Available on a variety of different styled clothing, this new logo to features the Woke brand upside right.... but then wait, hop on some monkey bars and start swinging upside down and you'll see the word Snow.  Check it out below! 

Woke Snow Tha ProductWoke Snow Tha ProductWoke Snow Tha Product


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  • RubyCastles on

    Despierta tees!!!!!!! So I can order my crew one

  • Dime on

    Wish I read the below comment before ordering. I placed two orders on the woke shop, 3 orders on vibehigher, and one more order on Everydaydays. I only ever received two orders from vibehigher that’s it!! Between all 6 orders I spent OVER $450 and again only ever received the two vibehigher orders.. I emailed all the shop emails several times along with texts AND CALLS….NOTHING!! I’m very disappointed as I am (was) a HUGE Snow fan (why I ordered so much merch) with that being said I’m a fan but I’m not going to give my hard earned money away in exchange for nothing ( FYI THESE ORDERS WERE PLACED ALMOST A MONTH BEFORE HER TOUR) I’m was willing to rep for Snow but I’m not going to be ripped off. I thought I was supporting and dealing with a respectable business woman, but I guess not…:( customer service was little to nothing which was extremely disappointing I will never be ordering from any of Snow’s sites again. I’m glad my credit card company was able to deal with this issue for me as snow and her people were NO help. What a let down my biggest role model ripped me off.. :/

  • Nikole on

    Absolutely disgusted.
    I order a few things for myself and my daughter. They product did not come (I live in Canada) and when I asked them to refund my money they asked if they could still send the items with a couple other things for free.
    I said that I did not want the gifts and I wanted a refund. We are going on 3 months now. NO REFUND!!! I’ve called, I’ve emailed, I’ve done everything possible and have not received my money back.
    I thought I was supporting a good company and got screwed out of 125.00!!!!
    Shame on you guys!

    So. Disappointed

  • Lexi on

    Make windbreakers !!

  • Tony E. Ramsdell-Allen on

    You guys are awesome sauce <3

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