Snow Tha Product Drops Two New Tracks- SINGLE ANNOUNCED

Snow Tha Product Drops New Music

Guys, it has been a long time coming.  If you could truly understand the hours and commitment that goes into making all of this work, the behind the scenes, the emails back and forth, the grind, the waiting, the anticipating, the ready set.... hold ups.... it could make your mind spin. 

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Finally, two tracks are available on Itunes and Google Play.

Snow Tha Product Nights

Snow Tha Product Get Down Low

Snow Tha Product Releases Long Awaited Single, "Nights"

Shoutsout to Snow Tha Product for hustling harder than any artist I've ever seen and delivering nothing short of a quality product.  And shoutsout to the fans for sticking behind her through the thick and the thin.  For those asking, "where's the music?"  Hopefully these three bangers will hold you over in preparation for her long awaited Atlantic Records debut.  I've heard it and I can assure you, Snow has leveled up.

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Thought we could get a little personal here on this blog post because simply posting links and saying, "support" feels like it would lack the intimacy that is needed to truly say, it is go time.  And well, like you know, we run our own shit here at Woke so yea, we can do that.   

Much more is ahead this year.   Stay tuned.  The foundation has been laid and the ground work continues.  Thank you all and please support.

Expect a video early next week.  #STAYWOKE

Nights now available on Itunes and Google Play
Get Down Low now available on Itunes and Google Play
Listen to "No Cut" below and make sure you subscribe to Woke.TV for Snow Tha Product's Daily Vlog.


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  • Manny De Loera on

    Yeah the new music is dope! Keep @ it! Hope things keep going good for Snow Tha Product an everyone! Usually interviews in a song make the song a lil annoying after a listening to it a bunch of times but “No Cut” was put together really well. i like how the intro starts off an the bass starts waving through softly like a car coming from down the street. Stay Woke. Thanks!!

  • Mwhite0124 on

    Snow definitely gave the fans two amazing tracks, I like how hard she went on the get down low track, then I heard the nights track. Snow really switched it on us, and it worked, I think that song says alot about what she can do and that route she is willing to take, and these are only the teasers, can’t wait for the album

  • Becca on

    Snow’s new music is the best! They are awesome, very likable, great music, and so on! I’m glad to see Snow making things happen for us Woke Fans! I greatly appreciate all the music you just dropped Snow! “And the nights like this”, is what keeps me going!

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