The Wokes Sleep!?

Sleep to be Woke?

Guys, it's a metaphor.  We don't expect you to be Woke like allllll the time.  You can take the tape off your eyelids, rest your head against the pillow and take one of those long extended blinks called, you guessed it, sleep.  

It's not a dirty word for the Wokes.  Because, in essence, sleep is well, essential for one to be Woke.  Oh, the irony.  In fact, sleep is natural!  We're just sayin', for those hours you are awake, BE awake! BE aware! BE enmotherfuckinlightened! 

Alright, you still with me? 

Sleep to Stay Woke

So, at the Woke house, sleep is a must.  We run embroidery machines, produce Woke.TV, sew, design, make music, run a store, screen print every product you own, you name it!  If you're new to the program, we make our own shit.  For all this to go as planned, we HAVE to sleep.  Best believe we're up late and rise early, but you don't want Ito so much in a haze that he's got WOKE sewn into his forehead 'cause he fell asleep on the embroidery machine do you!?  Well, that could be cool though.  Woke Embroidery Tats coming SOON!

Okay, so, while you doze off and your body gets much needed rest, your mind is still going a million miles a minute.  It's almost like,


Say you work retail.  And if you work retail? I give it up to you cause that shit is NOT easy.  But there you are, working at Target.  You just spent the last 3 hours cleaning up the toothpaste aisle.  Everything looks fantastico.  But THEN.  Yes, then comes a woman chatting on the phone, driving that cart like she just had 16 shots of tequila on her 21st birthday, and her friends said "no, don't take the keys!" but she took 'em anyway and she's headed right to your aisle.  Your precious toothpaste aisle.  

Her toddler is all snotty nosed in her cart wailing his arms around like gottdamn chopper in Black Hawk Down.  Her 7 year old is clearly a blind psychopath because a sane person with eyesight uses said eyesight to navigate said aisle! 

And there you are, watching it all unfold.  Your eyes are riddled with fear.  And well, there's nothing you can do.  The 7 year-old makes the first impact.  It's right into the 3D White Crest.  Eight boxes crash to the floor in dramatic slow motion fashion.  The woman reaches to pick them up.  As she goes for the boxes, her toddler, that snotty nose little... well, he grabs six toothbrushes and throws them like gottdamn grenades.  And that toddler has a gottdamn arm cause four bottles of mouthwash crash like bowling pins, exploding on that oh so beautiful tile that you just mopped.

The woman puts the boxes back only to knock a gallon of milk on the ground, why is there a gallon of milk in the toothpaste aisle?!? THE MADNESS!!!
Okay, so that aisle could be a metaphor for your day.  Your brain is in knots.  You've been up since 5am.  You worked a double.  NOTHING makes sense after working a double.  Trying to get your brain to function after a long day of a series of unfortunate events is like trying to figure out why the milk was next to the motherfuckin' toothbrushes.
Sleep? Sleep lets your logical brain work, well, logically.  It takes the events from the day, and files them neatly into the correct department.


Check out this cool Huffington Post video about sleep

Like I said, sleep, very important to be WOKE.  But while you're Woke, FUCK SLEEP! You get it right? 

BE awake! BE aware! BE enmotherfuckinlightened!  Happy Wednesday Ya'll. 


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  • Monica on

    Arianna Huffington likes to mention how important sleep is.
    Love the visuals I got from reading this Rachel!!

  • MisterLopz on

    That was a very funny metaphor haha. Seriously, I’ll tell you again, you’re very good with words. About the main topic, sleeping is a natural necessity and it’s unhealthy to not do it properly, so I’m glad you clarified the whole woke idea for those who eventualy didn’t get it.

  • Becca on

    Amen to that 100%! I’m glad it is clarified being able to understand the concept of being woke! I understood “woke” as following your dreams and not sleeping on it! As Snow says “Don’t lose Hope”!

  • Amanda on

    Love this!!! ? All your blogs are always on point!

  • Ericaaaaaaaa on

    Thank you!! For this one everytime i say goodnight on the app people wanna start with “you’re woke,wokes don’t can’t say goodnight on here” like wtf? You must not get the concept of it at all.

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