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Bet That I Will Snow Tha Product

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"Bet That I Will" Snow Tha Product Official Lyrics

Bet that I blow a few stacks

Bet you ain't know

Woke Independent

I tell 'em, "I know you knew that"

Snow be so dope

I'm numbin' the feelin' of all of the hate

that I feel that I'm gettin' 

From broke male rappers and ugly ass women

who say I ain't shit cause of Nicki and Iggy 

They downplay the lyrics delivered, I'm killin'

But I hit em with, "have you seen em?"

Only way that I'mma kill it, get a booty like Selena

Heard she ate pizza

Now I'm callin Dominos, Pizza Hut, my man cheesin

said for some reason, he like what he seein

he like what I'm eatin'

I'm pushin' this weight, now my weight kinda leanin'

but stayin' in places, he like what he seein'

I told him grab on 'cause I'm out here

workin' again

Ain't that what I'm s'pose to do? 

Bitch I'm a Mexican

While you bedazzle

I'm fightin' embezzlements 

I'll be in court and I'm not one to settle it

Ya'll owe me money, I will fuckin' get it then

I know the rules and my ruler been bendin' and

my grand committed, my money demented 

I'll hire some immigrants, pin you like pinterest 

Cause they don't know English, 

They won't get a sentence

We could build houses, no blueprint no template

believe me, it's easy to burn down your residence

They all get away 'cause they not on the sentence 

Now bitch you could bet that I will

Verse 2

This shit ain't made for twerkin' bitches

This for 2am on the gram lurkin' bitches 

For shoot first ask questions last and kill a bitch

before they even know if you did it for certain bitches 

It's for double shift pullin' out workin bitches

Don't sell sex but goddamn I ain't no virgin bitches

Fuck me over I will take your man

I'll take his new girls annnnnnnnnnnd

I'll turn them bitches

I gotta motha fuckin' vendetta

Never been a little bitch, I'm cold as thin sweaters

And I'm finna get 'em

When I step up in the venue and I'm closin' out your show

cause oooooh, bitch you shoulda been betta

Look I don't give a motha fuck if I never make it to platinum

They'll always pull up a tab and remember how I was rappin'

How I was killin' these beats

and it's all chronologically captured  

They'll always see how I'm changing these patterns

and how these tracks get, demolished

Cause I been at this, I've always been this advanced

Astonished at how female rapper don't have one but they're no match

It's ironic cause if it's fashion, they probably have it mastered 

But bitch this what I do, I be chopping them and I be gassin' like 


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  • Juanita Rabadan on

    wow snow tha product mira i heard this track and when i herd bout you and drunk love i knew then i gott see this chick! and i did and know you are my favorite rapper my own get away. i love this so much its all bout that snow because you are awsome and get my through the day! and thats woke tv. i enjoy watching it all the time good verses and tracks tho. and proud to be mexican :) hit me upp i love to ask you questions

  • Michael A White Jr on

    I just saw the video right now, this was definitely a different step towards the darker side for snow. I mean she has taken this route before with til death, I like the way she did it on this one, I’m guessing the symbolism between her being tied up and trying to escape, was her trying to let the lyrical beast loose, just a thought

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