Hot Toddy Potty-New Snow Tha Product Vlog

Snow Tha Product Makes Hot Toddy's

It's been days and days and days of sickness.  

I mean, if you're at the Woke House and you're not sick yet, well, I applaud you.  Great fucking immune system.  Things are working out for you.  But as Snow tried to sweat out the sickness on the last vlog, she's resorted to well, harsher methods.  That's right, people.  When all else fails, whiskey and bourbon.  

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New Snow Tha Product Vlog

Watch Rachaelplaysguitar, WokeIto, and Snow all try out some, we like to call them, experimental toddies.   Not to be confused with "thotties".    

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  • Becca on

    I love the vlogs!! That toilet cup tho lol! Watching your girls faces after drinking was too funny! I wonder how they actually taste!!

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