You don't wanna miss this!!  Tune in this Sunday at 5pm PST!  Last week, we were callin' mother fuckers! This week? We might call more!  You guys need advice? Last time we helped Matt as he struggled with the realization that he's boyfriend number 2.... to his homie's girl!?  Come ON MATT!!! 

So leave us your issues in the comment below! Maybe we'll give you a call! 

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  • Jamie on

    Hey Snow -

    I had the amazing opportunity of winning tickets for a meet and greet at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, CA. It was SO amazing to meet you!! I love how down to Earth and genuinely caring you are :) How can we help to promote you? Also, you guys took some videos at the meet and greet and was wonder what website I can see them on? Thank you!! <3

  • Slugglord Vato on

    Snow, I am in the middle of writing my debut album, and I specifically want to release it under #Woke with you guys! That is my mission like 100% I turned down 3 distribution and label offers that wanted me to joim their rosters and I told them NO! I only wanna roll with Woke, my albums under them, ride on tour with them, the whole thing. Its my only dream. One guy who was getting me tied in with Three Six Mafia on a song etc. Told me I was Racist because I wanted to join Woke because he thinks I am only doing it because you guys are also Latino. I said I wanted to work with people I trust with my music, image, and who understand me, and some labels ran by non latinos can’t fully understand our situations, and there’s many! I am MexiRican with a white dad and I speak Spanglish not even bilingual enough and am never taken serious by anyone even my own people outside of the music.. Sorry This is long but, I am buying a bus ticket to come to L.A. and bringing a tent so I can keep pushing til I get on with you guys. Hopefully you understand why I am so passionate and determined about it.

  • Hey Snow on

    I was wondering if you ever coming back to North Carolina I will love to go see you! 💕💯☝🏼😍 ur my Rock! 💋😍💕LuV U girl

  • edmundo diaz on

    Ur awesome Gods gift to earth God bless you always

  • Dana Dantouze on

    I’m living in Canada and I desperately want your app but it’s not available in Canada ?? anyway, I love you snow, I’m tuning in this evening ?

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