Twitter to Take Out Keyboard Crusaders

      I mean, there should be one general rule of thumb for social media.  Don’t be a dick.  It’s simple, really.  But you know us, human beings, for some reason, we feel the need to be nasty to each other sometimes...  And SOMETIMES, we choose to take those feelings to the internet for all to see.  Keyboard crusaders as we like to call them.  By we, I mean, whoever coined that phrase and me, and well, everyone else too.  You can use it now as well.

      But Twitter is now taking a stand against these internet thugs... aka, dude eating cheetos scratching his ass talking shit! We know what ya'll are all about.  Yea.. Those guys.  They have developed an entire committee called the Trust and Safety Council committed to taking out those that abuse the service.  Their goal is to make Twitter a platform where “anyone, anywhere can express themselves safely and confidently.”

      I mean, it is 2016, it might be bout that time to start lookin into these sorts of things.    

     Side note, this is a real life quote from former Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, regarding how Twitter has handled the issue in the past.  He said they, well, “sucked” at it.  Well, you get an A for effort... Err wait... No sir, very bad indeed.  You get an F... That’s why you’re the mother fuckin FORMER ceo.  BAM. 

      But yea, when all else fails.... Remember, rule number one... DON’T BE A DICK!  And as this one rapper named Snow says, "Hatin's the cheapest hobby you can have!"

Check out celebrities read mean tweets below!

Ya'll got that thumb joke back there right? Cause it's like a rule of thumb... Cause you're on social media on your phone... And you use your thumb...

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ALRIGHT.. Enough.. Good Evening and Good Night.  Be good to each other. 

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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    I don’t use Twitter, but that’s great!

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