Martin Shkreli (Dude that bought WuTang album for $2mil) Offers Kanye $10 Million for his!?

He's got one of those faces.... that you would just like.... love to punch.  Like, right in the nose.  Like... To begin... Just watch liiiiiiiiike 20 seconds of him talking.

Ok.  You get the idea.  

Who is this lil fella? Well, he's the guy that hiked up the prices of drugs that treat HIV by ummm liiiiike over 5,000 percent. 

Cause, he's a uh, businessman... Which if you're interested in that convo check out the entire video above when you're done here reading. 

So we continue... After making the news in that there debacle, he later went on to purchase the only WuTang copy of Once Upon A Time in Shaolin made in 2014 for $2 Million.  

Since then, he has gone on to beef with WuTang's own, Ghostface Killah who went on to call him a "shithead" and "the man with the 12-year-old-body."

Check out that diss video that Shkreli responded with below...

Ok you still with me? 

Alright, what is Mr. Shkreli up to now? Well... Earlier today on twitter he posted this here proposal...

Well... as of release time, there has been no response from Kanye's camp. They're probably busy discussing more potential album names.

I, for one, haven't been this excited about a Kanye album in quite some time... So I really hope this falls through.

And I know, I know, we just posted a blog about internet bullying and we opened up this blog about how much we would love to punch this guy in the face.  I realize the hypocriticalness.  But hey, we're all human.  


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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    Came for a quick reading and ended up watching the full interview…
    About the original post though, I don’t think 10 million is THAT much money to convince Kanye. Hope I’m right and we get the album normally.

  • Roxanne on

    I honestly cannot stand this man. After watching the congressional hearing and him act lik this entire situation is a joke is really sickening. I think he should be charged with murder because this made the drug really unattainable for a large number of people.

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