Kanye Changes Title of Album (again) Claims it will be the "ALBUM OF LIFE"

Alright, so I hesitated posting this right away because, well, in light of recent events, we might be hearing more news and title changes about Kanye West's highly anticipated 2016 release. 

As of now, like, right now... 9:58PM on February 11, 2016... Kanye's album is titled, "The Life of Pablo."  

This comes after two title changes, a beef and then oh so beautiful reunion between Wiz and Kanye. Which coincidentally Wiz happened to drop his album the same week. Some are speculating the whole thing was nothing more than a marketing scheme but hey, who knows... Maybe the Illuminati?? DUN DUN DUN!

Alright, anyway.  Yesterday on Twitter, West revealed the "final" track listing for TLOP.

1. 'Ultra Light Beams' (featuring Chance the Rapper)

2. 'Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2' (featuring Kid Cudi and Desiigner)

3. 'Freestyle 4'

4. 'Famous' (featuring Rihanna)

5. 'Highlights' (featuring Young Thug)

6. 'Feedback'

7. 'Fade' (featuring Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign)

8. 'FML' (featuring The Weeknd) 

9. 'Real Friends' (featuring Ty Dolla $ign)

10. ​'Wolves' (featuring Sia (Find out WHO THE FUCK IS SIA here) and Frank Ocean)

You guys ready for some new Yeezy tracks? 

Click here to read more about West's $10 Million Offer to release just one copy of TLOP

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  • tiny_naya on

    I don’t get how Kanye went from being called Yezus sounding similar to Jesus. Now he claims to be called Pablo..like honestly how ignorant can one person be. I’m sure you’ve heard that he is in a huge debt and he also went to saying that Mark Zuckerberg should not give money to build schools in Africa but instead give the money to him so that he may get out of his huge debt. I use to personally like Kanye West but I don’t understand what has gotten into his mind.

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