"The world has slipped into a new cold war" Russian Prime Minister

Ok, so the West.  Yea, we're goin through some thangs. 

The East? Safe to say, they're goin through some thangs as well.

If I didn't know any better, I would say World War III might be on the horizon.  Some theorists have stated that it may have already gotten started.  But hey, let's save that conspiracy for another day.

You might have seen your facebook timelines blowing up recently about Syria, Syrain refugees and well, the hate and racism that comes attached with that. What exactly is going on?  

Ok, BASICALLY... Which, when I say basically, please understand, the conflict in Syria and the Middle East is anything BUT basic but to put it in layman's terms, shit is goin' down.  ISIS, err, ISIL, or WHATEVER THE FUCK they decide to call themselves has caused quite the chaos in the area.  Russia has taken some things into their own hands about how to deal with the world's quote unquote super villain.

The issue?  Well, Russia and the West have had some issues on how to deal with things in the past.  One could call them, "differences."  These "differences" had a lot to do with what started the Cold War. 

The Cold War.  Some of you may have heard the term, some of you may be registered historians on the issue.   This isn't your 8th hour history class.  It's Saturday for crying out loud BUT what the Cold War was, was errybody straight flexin' after World War II.  We'd had enough of war and we shook hands and all that, but we agreed on some things, well, begrudgingly.  That escalated.  Those escalations turned into threats.  40 YEARS of threats.  


     Ever get in a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or brother or sister, or mom or whoever?  Things get sooooo bad to the point of like, a world war per say...  That World War has some casualties.  You take out your mother in law.  The dog goes with her.    
     But then it gets to a point where you're soooo tired of fighting and you don't wanna fight anymore so you call it quits on the issue?  It's all peachy right?  BUUUUUT, two years after the war they say something over dinner one night and you're like, "wait... excuse me?"
     The distance grows, the tension builds.  Pretty soon, there you are with your nuclear weapons ready to drop bombs.  There they are with their nuclear weapons ready to drop bombs.  You build a wall.  Forks are flyin!  All bad right? 40 YEARS of that!  That's the Cold War in a very, very simplistic, twisted up, basic analogy.
Today. This brings us to what's goin' on in a very significant announcement by Russia's prime minister.  He has stated that the world has
"...slipped into a new cold war."
This comes after much scrutiny on airstrikes meant for ISIS over Syria which the west has claimed is leaving numerous civilian casualties.  He also stated,
“Nearly on a daily basis, we are being blamed for the most terrible threat to Nato as a whole, to Europe, to America, to other countries. They make scary movies where Russia starts a nuclear war. I sometimes wonder: are we in 2016 or 1962?”
The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 ending the 45 year standoff of the first cold war (which is a term coined by author George Orwell who wrote 1984 and Animal House.  READ THEM!).  This message, although perhaps made in jest, is a significant moment telling just what is happening in the world.  Shit is goin' down. 
I end this blog with this question (Seriously, listen.  It'll make you smile.) ------>


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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    It feels like the world will never be united. There’s always something tearing us apart, so I think his quote is not wrong. ISIS is used as the villain here (which it is), but since I can recall, the world has never been in peace. It seems like a war is always taking place somewhere, and the world ends up divided in “team”, which one supporting one side of the war. I guess the difference between now and the Cold War is that the sides are not clearly divided, and the battles vary, so we get the illusion that our problems were solved. In the end, as you said, one day “someone says something over dinner” and all unsolved things reappear.

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