Is It Illegal to....

Here's the thing... There's a lot of laws.  Sometimes, it's hard to know your rights ya know.  

And If you want to know ANYTHING about the Woke house, it's that we research a bunch of shit.  Shit that's well, sometimes serious, sometimes not so serious.

But seriously, thank GOD for google.  We've got questions.  Google's got answers.  Or at least enough info to make us feel like we're justified in repeating said answers.


In a recent discussion amongst the Wokes, we were researching legal and illegal topics due to the fact that a recent house guest told us she had 8 kids! With the SAME NAME! Well, not like, the same name per say but definitely all with the same variation.  Like, Alex, Alexa, Alexx...  I ran out of variations for Alex.  Alex was a bad sample name.  George Foreman though? He's got like 86 kids all names George somethin' or the other.  You get the idea.  Then we came to thinking, is it illegal to name your 72 children the same name?  Like, legit, the saaaaaame fuckin name? 

What did google have to say?

We'll get to that

but first,


Oh my.... Please research on your own time...

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  

Can you name your kid the same thing? APPARENTLY, each country has it's own guidelines as to what's acceptable for your seed.  That's a weird way of putting it... But 'Murica?  Well, here in the land of the free, Michael Jackson named Prince Michael 1 and Prince Michael II because it is indeed well, legal to name your kids the same names.  It seems.  'Cause there was no evidence that it was illegal because both children will be assigned separate social security numbers.  There's you little bit of useless info for the day.

For shits and giggles, here's a list of recently rejected names in New Zealand.

Satan, Adolf Hitler, Sex Fruit, Fish and Chips, Yea Detroit <--- That's a personal fav.

There ya have it.  We are a world of inquisitive creatives!


These are the most googled "is it illegal" topics on google, so there's a pretty big chance, well, you may be googling as well.  Let us save you your google galavanting.  This is what we've found:

Drive Barefoot? Perfectly legal; although, not advised on a motorcycle.

Burn Money? YES. Illegal.  The value of currency is dependent on amount of currency in circulation! Don't you go fuckin' that up with you and your incessant need to light shit on fire you pyro you.

Eat and Drive? Legal. But there are gray areas about "distracted" driving.

Hit a Girl? I mean, in my uh, expert opinion... I'm gonna go with "illegal."

Make Moonshine? Depends on the state.

Carry a Knife? Depends on the state.  Depends on the knife.

Sleep in your Car? As long as your not in California.  Or on private property.  Or.... Goddamn, everything depends on your fuggin state!

Collect Rainwater? Interesting enough, illegal in most states!

Be High?  The woke boys go with "pass the blunt." 

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  • Veronica Ledesma on

    Thanks Rachael for the article I love reading these
    ??Lmao “the woke boys go with past the blunt”

  • Marcelo Lopes on

    There are some countries that have a pre approved list of names, and you have to apply for approval if you want to use one that’s not

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