WHAT THE FUCK IS UP!! Alright, wanted to check in with you guys.  Let ya'll know what the FUCK we're up to. 

We are officially almost moved completely into the new Woke House.  After 72 days, we're alllllllllmost done!  What this means for you all?  We have some DOPE fucking plans.  Streams 'bout to be better, Woke Gear 'bout to be better, 'bout to be on a whole new muh fuckin' level! 


To start you all off, Snow posted this photo a couple of days ago to give you a sneak peak of the NEW WOKE SHADES on DJ PUMBA!

Ask and you shall receive, people! For real though.  Your comments, your DM's, your letters? We READ them.  This is a group effort, here.  And well, without you all, we cease to exist!!! FLAT LINE, muh fuckin' stretchers, the whole nine... JK. But for real though.  Which reminds me.  We literally realized like three days before we moved that we may or may not have been neighbors to a hospice for the past year and a half...

ANYWAY! I (Rachael) also wanted to let you all know that not only will I be writing for and, I will also be writing for!  Make sure you guys check it out and comment on the articles.  It all comes back to Woke and StayWoke!

Eli been chillin with, oh ya know, Snoop and Khloe!


The Woke Boys been on that new Kanye, TOUGH! This move? I almost feel like Kanye West himself has either 1. transmitted radio waves brainwashing them or 2. personally paid them for their advertising.  'Cause they will NOT let go of the fact that I haven't given TLOP an entire run through yet.  The bleaching asshole line really threw me off though!  I will give it a chance guys, I promise... Like, as soon as I recover from that line... It just.. took me from my vibe.  I got a visual.  I didn't need that in my life.   

Other than that, the rest of the crew is steady working!  Live Stream'll be on Sunday and we look for ward to showing ya'll around the new place!  WOKE ain't no joke! I'm writing this to you literally as Yeyo is printing and as Snow puts the final touches on her latest project.  All I can say, the wait will be worth it, guys.  Woke is a lifestyle. Thank you all for the support!  

P.S. UNORTHODOX is RESTOCKED!!!  Physical copies are going fast, make sure you get yours now!!

P.P.S. Who ya'll wanna see Snow Collab with on the new project? Your voice matters! Let those artists know!  And let us know!  

Tweet @wakeyagameup and comment below! 

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  • Veronica Ledesma on

    Hella yeah keep up the good work !

  • Celica on

    Thank you guys for all you do! You the shit!!

  • Marcelo Lopes on

    Cool updates, thanks for letting us know what’s going on.

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