Kimberly Smedley Explains Underground Butt Injection Industry

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"In the midst of doing something illegal, in your mind, you're telling yourself that you're helping people to feel better about themselves...  I didn't stop to think about the negative consequences." 

Recently released from prison on a three year sentence, Kimberly Smedley has been making the rounds on media to explain the underground industry.  

Yes people, the butts are getting bigger.  And well, if you haven't noticed, It's become somewhat of a thing over the past few years.  Probably, in fact, more sought after than breast implants thanks to celebs with the voluptuous curves such as Black Chyna, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian.


It is ILLEGAL and NOT FDA approved to have silicone injections in the butt because of the potential danger involved. 

It's the new nose job.  The new face lift.  All the cool kids are DOING IT for crying out loud!!!!

Literally, the booty make you fucking stop what the fuck you're doing and just look.  No shade, just wow.  Moment of silence for that ass. 


What's craziest about the whole thing, Smedley, who gets about as specific as possible without actually name dropping had absolutely no medical history when she was doing the procedures.  She wasn't a doctor, she wasn't a nurse and hey there ain't a THING wrong with this, buuuut she was a cosmetologist.   She hinted at working on Nicki Minaj

"An up and coming rapper... She was smart, she did it on the onset of her career. She had her work done before she was in the public eye..."

She continued...

"...her new look was all people saw.  There were no old pictures to compare her too."

and even being approached by possibly Whitney Houston before the singers' untimely death.

"..this celebrity was a famous singer who had been out of commission for a few years... She was trying to make a comeback and conquer her problems.  She had her share of problems, but still had a one of a kind voice."

Smedley did not say much about the singer but did mention that,

"...the first thing I wanted to do was feed her.  She was so skinny."

After a patient was hospitalized due to an injection, Smedley had her case opened by the feds which ultimately ended her underground work and landed her in prison.  All in all, she's stacked over $1.5 Million in the industry!  And although she hasn't officially released any names and she ain't "officially" a snitch, well, she said that doesn't mean she won't in the future but that, "that's not what (she's) doing it for."

When asked if Kim K. or Nicki were toting real rear ends, she simply said,

"..definitely not real."

You can read her whole book on Amazon called "The Backside of the Story."

If you can get past Vlad's sophomore year of highschool brown photo backdrop, check out the whole video below.

My opinion? Do what you want.  Just make sure that it's what you want and not just some insecurity that society has planted into your brain telling you that you're not good enough if you don't look like errrrybody else.  

And be SAFE! People have legit died from this shit.  It's liiiiiiike, would you go to some random mother fucker for a tattoo when you know damn well he don't clean his needles?  You want a bigger ass, I say you get a bigger ass; HOWEVER, don't have your self esteem depend on it... And on that note, drugs are bad mmmmmkay.  #staywoke


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  • Tonia on

    Your self esteem has to be at an all time low to even risk doing something like that. I say if you want to get a bigger butt, do it!!! Just the right way.

  • Tonia on

    Your self esteem has to be at an all time low to even risk doing something like that. I say if you want to get a bigger button, do it!!! Just the right way.

  • Ivana on

    I’m giving people underground booty injections… Jk

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