Trump Supporters Still Believe in Slavery?!

Okay.  Its not that I want to do this.  I dont want to continually shine the light on the ignorance of a certain group of individuals called Trump supporters who live under a fucking rock and have the insane goal of making this man president.  

But I must.  I dont want to.  But I have to.

Because, come on.  At some point, it gets so scary that theres almost some level of humor to it.  The humor like, it cant be possible that over 70% of Trump voters in South Carolina believe that a ban on noncitizen muslims in the US is justified.  Humorous like 20% of Trump supporters really disagreed with the freeing of the slaves?  Humorous like, 70% of supporters are soooo scared of the almighty gay that they would like to go ahead and ban them too.  Maybe even build a wall around West Hollywood for shits and giggles.

What Trump and his goons would like to do is basically like, have all blonde haired, blue eyed humans procreate and well, just live happily ever after.  Like, thats all. Whats the big fucking deal.


ANYWAY, Vice recently sent Houston rapper, Bun B, back to the South to check in with Trump supporters and give us a first account perspective of how real this shit really is.  


Did yall know that Bun B teaches at Rice University?!


Like Bun B said:

How do you get a bunch of people to chant, build a wall? Well, you can when you know theres not gonna be a Mexican in the room. 

Apart from the satire, I truly believe there is something good to come from this man running for president.  Not being elected, trust, but running.  Hear me out.



How many people are coming out from the shadows now?  How many people are feeling comfortable voicing their bigoted opinions now that theyre not alone in said bigoted opinion?  People that might have otherwise just kept to their happy little selves in theyre happy little towns making the rest of the country think that racism and bigotry is a thing of the past.  Thanks to Donald Trump, theyre now waving theyre happy little racism flags higher than Lance Bass at a Gay Pride parade. 


Its like, say you hate Chinese food, whiiiiiich I dont know what the fuck is wrong with you if you dont like Chinese food.... But yea, say the sight of an egg roll just makes you sick to your stomach.  Low Mein?  Youre not sure if its pronounced chow or what the fuck the difference is.  That makes you angrier. Makes you wanna fuckin kick puppies and shake babies.  Inside, youre raging with an uncontrollable rage.  Makes you wanna fuckin build a fuckin wall around Panda Express.  You get the idea.  

You wanna say something.  You want to express your hatred for this delicious delicacy but youre afraid that all your homies, or countrymen, love it.  So you keep your mouth shut.  You go about your day while holding on tight to your rage with a firey passion.  

When youre at home and no ones looking, you dim the lights, sit in front of the computer and start a blog on the dark web about your hatred for everything Chinese.  

Till one day, a presidential candidate comes out and says, BAN ALL EGGROLLS! You bust out of your bedroom, call Fox News to pledge your allegiance and attend a Trump rally.  Youre not alone!!!!

I spoke with Snow the other day and she said the most dangerous type of racist is the one that doesnt have the white sheet over their head.  Its your neighbor.  Its your banker.  Its your kids teacher.   What Trump is doing, is unmasking America; making these people feel like theyre the silent majority, as they like to call themselves.  Hes making them believe that the uprising is coming and its time for them to band together.  

What its really doing, for the sane part of America, is giving us a reality check.  It may not be 1952 but we sure as hell arent as civilized as wed like to believe.  #Staywoke. 

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  • Rosendo Martinez on

    This was a great video along with the blog. The south is an interesting place, it’s like they are stuck in time. Reminds me of the movies Pleasantville. It’s a foggy future for everyone right now. No candidate is way ahead of another overall it comes down to who is going to fuck us all over the least because thus far I do not fully trust my vote to anyone in particular.

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