Why Mexicans Should Celebrate St Patricks Day

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Living in America comes with celebrating countless Holidays that don't always pertain to Hispanic ethnic culture but we celebrate anyway because it gives us a reason to go out and get drunk.

In this case, it's St. Patty's Day. Interesting enough, I got high one night while chillin' with DJ Pumba and did a random search on the Mexican-American Invasion.  Thats when I found out the following: did ya'll know that the Irish (amongst other men of European descent) fought as a part of the Mexican Army against the U.S. in 1846-1848? Many of these men were actually immigrants that escaped to the U.S. during the Great Irish Famine. They called it, "The St. Patrick Batallion" and they were formed and led by John Riley.

Word has it, the Irish were compensated with money and land, but still, they had our fucking backs!

On October 28, 2002 the Mexican Congress held a ceremony, where they encrypted in gold on the Wall of Honor, "Defensores De La Patria 1846-1848 y Batallon de San Patricio" -- "Defenders of the Motherland 1846-1848 and the San Patricio Batallion."

In 2004, Mexico also gave a commemorative statue to the Irish government in thanks for their honor, bravery, and sacrifice. That statue now sits in Clifden, Connemara, Ireland, where leader John Riley was born.  

Needless to say, the Mexican Government and many Mexican cities today honor Ireland and the heroes who helped fight for their land.

So, with 9 days away from St Patricks Day, If you're Mexican, make sure when you're out there having a green beer, remember that the Irish played a role in the roots of our culture.  I'll drink to that.


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