Kim Kardashian is STILL Rich.

Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Selfie

While everyone hates on Kim for her recent nude on ig, she continues, well, getting richer.  Sure, what HAVEN'T we seen on this woman.  OG Bette Middler even took to her twitter to throw some shots at what she later defended as a joke:

 Valid argument.  Kim got in her feelings a little bit and responded,

Midler then responded,


Alright alright alright, enough with the twitter wars.  Here's the thing, sure.... She's famous for being infamous.  But I ask, why are we so mad?  If you've ever read through the comments section of a celebrity's social media, you will learn a lot about the state of society.  And love her or hate her, shhhheeeesus, you don't have to scroll for very long to see the hate.  It gets vicious pretty quick.  

Why is the World So Mad at a Nake Kim Kardashian?

Is it that she's getting paid to be naked? Or that she's exploiting her nakedness to get paid?  I've heard the arguments (I've made the arguments), "she's not even talented!"  But, I've also retracted that statement being that it was admittedly based soley on the fact that I was mad she was getting an amount of money I can't even count to with a body I can only imagine.  That speaks more about my insecurities than it will ever affect her confidence to post a photo that she knows has the power to be on TMZ in a matter of seconds.    

But what do you guys think?  It can't be that we're so tired of her.  She still boasts almost 63 million followers.  So I ask, why are we such haters? 

She posted this selfie last night after a series of other tweets laughing at the haters.



A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


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Liberation or nah? 


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  • Ivana on

    To me she’s just another dumb b***h getting pay for her body, but in a different way

  • Keesha Saldaña on

    We’re all being judged by someone who isn’t even close to having their own shit together!

  • neto on

    a hoe will always be a hoe she is a fine hoe though lol..

  • Rachel on

    Kim K knows what she’s doing. The “Nudes” are for publicity and I’m pretty sure she likes being talked about. I mean for god sakes the girl probably Googles herself lol the point is she should expect negative and positive comments on a pic like that I myself just think she shouldn’t or anyone famous should be selling their self short by showing the world there nudes especially if your a role model for teens! I think this nation needs less Kim K and more Snow That Product! #StayWoke

  • Victoria Stinnett on

    Hey kim is hot, so i dont mind what she posts, it’s her life her body! Get that money girl! Who gives a fuck lol

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