Millionaire Pitcher Lives Out of His Van!

Millionaire Pitcher, Daniel Norris, Lives Out of His Van and Does Workouts in Walmart Parking Lots

A million dollars.  What would you do with that kind of check? If you were to win the lottery, would it be cars first? Maybe a boat? Maybe get yourself a nice little beach house? 

Okay, so Daniel Norris, he didn't win the lottery.  Well, maybe not technically.  But he did get himself a nice size check coming right out of high school when he got drafted to the major leagues.  What does "nice" equate to?  How's a $2 Million bonus sound for nice?

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But what's even more impressive than that paycheck is that he's managed to maintain a bare minimum lifestyle.  In his van.  That's right.  The millionaire Detroit Tigers pitcher lives on just $800/month in his 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia nicknamed, "Shaggy."



Millionaire Pitcher Opts for Easy Going Lifestyle While Living Out of VW Van

When asked about his non-comformist lifestyle, he stated;

"I'm actually more comfortable being kind of poor."

To stay in shape for the pros he does workouts in Walmart parking lots and parks his van well, wherever he chooses for the night.  So be it the beach or the grocery store.  

In 2015, Norris battled thyroid cancer but reported in October of last year that the cancer was gone.  



His instagram is full of photographs with bios and short stories of the strangers he meets on the road.  He states how grateful he is for life and how eager he is to grow.



Check out this Vice Sports video to catch a day in the life of Millionaire Pitcher, Daniel Norris.


What do you guys think?  Is this easy living or unnecessary? I mean, he does look pretty happy, but could you do it? Let us know in the comments below and tweet @WakeYaGameUp! #Woke #StayWoke  

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  • MisterLopz on

    Not something I would do, but as you said it, he seems pretty happy. I just checked his Instagram and he seems very humble and generous, so he finds his happiness on that. It looks like he would be very happy even if he didn’t have any money, so he decided to live near the streets and people who need empathy the most. I can do nothing but admire him.

  • Cassie on

    Love all the blogs.

  • Becca on

    Money isn’t everything yeah we need it to maintain what we need but that isn’t what true happiness is! Happiness is following your dreams, make a difference in life, change lives, do what you love! It doesn’t matter if you are rich, just don’t make it seem like that is the only thing that makes you happy! No, Be humble and grateful on what you have because one day you might be rich and all then lose it within a second or vice versa. However if you do have all this money good for you, no hate just be humble. Do good to others and good will come to you. Overall having money is great to get what we need.. Therefore Wokes think about it what is more important having all this money in the world or having some money to make a living and be happy! Shoutout to Rachael for putting some dope blogs! Woke Nation on the Rise!

  • Tiny_Naya on

    Personally the only thing i know i would do if i had that much money would b pay off my moms house and for myself i wouldn’t know what to do with all that money but i do think that i’d save a big chunk of it for when i have kids i can be able to spend time with them while they’re little. Hmmm..thats about it.

  • Leelani CHavez on

    That is crazy!!!! But it is dope! I mean any human being that has that among of money would go crazy buying all kinds of stuff. Like you said it could be a house, a car, anything really. You see all these people who win the lottery invest their money in mostly wants and not necessities. I give him 2 thumbs up! If it makes him happy good for him! It comes to show that money isn’t everything.

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