Sanders Smokes Weed?

Presidential Candidate Sanders Has Smoked... Twice.

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Ok. Well, he doesn't smoke anymore but during a recent rally in Michigan, he admitted to have smoked some of that sticky icky multiple times in this childhood years.  Twice to be exact.  "It only made me cough," Sanders said.

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Speaking form a potheads perspective, if I were running for president, I'd probably be forced to say something like, "I've just smoked like, say, twice in my life.  Why you ask?"

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Would the US Nominate a Pot Head Pres?

As a whole, it's safe to say this country still kinda cares about this issue.  Can you imagine how Sanders would be killed by the media if after a press conference he puts his pen down, loosens his tie, and says, "Fuck this shit, let's go burn one."  But who knows? Who cares? 

Point is, he won Michigan over earlier this month which proves many people don't give a fuck if the man has a blunt in his pocket or not.

Weed Same Category as Heroin in Controlled Substances Act

So why is cannabis still up there next to heroin in the Controlled Substances Act?  Sanders has pointed out the fact that Heroin is a killer drug and we should all stay away from it.

"We also know and people can argue this 'til the cows come home and scientists dispute it, marijuana is not heroin," Sanders said.  I agree.

Check out the video below! 

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  • iwillbefamous on

    I think of weed as being in the same category as alcohol (but a lot less deadly and way less inebriated)more so than heroin. So if our current President can chill and have some brewskies with colleagues to discuss politics at the White House, I could totally vote for a President who prefers to take the edge off with a bluntski!

  • SheliaN on

    ..(continuation from other post) well not all medicine is bad, vaccines are pretty ?

  • tiny_naya on

    Hey rachel, i hope you read this comment. i’m hoping you can do a blog about your opinion on universities and how they ignore rape victims but continue to glorify the aggressors.

  • SheliaN on

    I am so with Bernie on that. Weed is natural and heroin is completely manufactured. Weed is medicinal for goodness sakes, hardly a considered a drug I believe, drugs are the pills that docters give to ppl everyday. I personally believe all medicine should be natural, I’ve seen the ugly side of constant pill users and there’s nothing healthy about that.

  • MisterLopz on

    I’m another one who don’t see how weed and heroin are in the same category of substances. About Sanders, I wouldn’t mind having a president who smokes weed (if he does), and I’m saying this as someone who never smoked and don’t intend to.

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