LIVESTREAM SUNDAY! Woke Winners Announced!


There's a bee that just got into my room as I type this.  Like, at this very moment, I'm typing in fury so this thing doesn't get the awesome idea of stinging me!

Here's the deal, Woke Mario is in town!

 READ: Epic Beer Pong Battle on LiveStream Sunday! 

#woke ??

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Shoutsout Woke Mario!!  Make sure you all stop by and say hello! 

LiveStream Sunday at 5PM PST

In approx 20 minutes, we will be coming to ya'll live! 

We have many a activity planned for you! Maybe even raffle off a few more Woke Shirts! Last weeks winners received this shirt! 

 Shoutsout to the winners below for their blog comments! 

 Where ya'll tuning in from?  And PS, good news, it wasn't a bee, just a fly.  We shall prevail! Make sure you log on to Woke.TV in 20 min! Thanks for the support guys! 

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  • iwillbefamous on

    I love watching the livestreams!!! I hate that I can’t tune in live because I work evenings, but I am super happy & grateful that you guys post them up after! It makes me feel just as special! lol ;)

  • Becca on

    It was good seeing Mario! All of the live streams are dope! It’s always a good time to be around your loved ones and have the time of your life! Especially when momma woke enjoys life and has fun with the woke crew Snow & Ito! Keep doing the live streams they are the best! Woke Nation on the Rise!!

  • Asiago Lattimore on
    3 more minutes

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