Gaby Macias Does Awesome Ninja Shit to "Got Me This Far" by Snow Tha Product

Dude.  I want to be this cool. Check this out! 



Seriously, I'm dizzy just from watching.  

This is the definition of some #woke and #staywoke shit.  



Thanks for the video Gaby Macias! Make sure ya'll follow her IG for some more cool Ninja shit!  That is the technical scientific term, right?

How does Snow's music inspire you? Tweet @WakeYaGameUp and comment! Post your own videos and hashtag them #snowthaproduct, #woke, and #staywoke of you doing cool shit to be featured in this week's blog! 


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  • iwillbefamous on

    OMG! What the hell did I just watch!
    That was fucking ludicrous!

  • Mwhite0124 on

    This is really awesome, and the fact that she did it to snow’s music, probably made the woke family and snow proud, this is the positivity I like to see, just proving that snow’s music can not only make you feel good, dance, cry, but it also can turn you into a NINJA

  • Becca on

    That’s badass keep up the good work! Gosh Snow Tha Product music all of them, inspires me a lot. From “bet that will” I will become something, “here” I’m not give up “got me this far” my own success “Same Ones” blessed & forever grateful for the people that help me become who I am today! The list goes on and on ! All I got to say is shoutout to Snow Tha Product for helping me believe anything is possible & not to lose hope!

  • Woke Sueña on

    Ayyyeeeee thats Dope AF!!!

  • MisterLopz on

    That’s dope! Gaby is probably gonna read this, so congratulations. Everyone can see that it takes a lot of training and dedication to do all this stuff. Keep on doing it!

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