Sports Illustrated Features Plus Size Model on Cover

Sports Illustrated Features First Plus Size Cover Model #Curvesinbikinies  

Ladies, did you know that a pant size 8 and bigger is considered "plus size?"

Well then... Here we are.

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Ashley Graham Graces Cover of Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is trying to change the standard of beauty.  Straying from their 52 year cover of the typical skinny model, this year, they have chosen to broaden their horizons featuring plus size super model, Ashley Graham.

Check out her talk with Ellen about how she went from simply being in an add in the magazine the previous year and how that in itself was a dream come true, to taking over the entire cover the following year! 


And it doesn't stop there.  

Ashley Graham to Cover Maxim Magazine

Not only does she have her own clothing and lingerie line, it was just announced that Graham will be on the April edition of Maxim Magazine!




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  • Michael A White Jr on

    This is a really great step up, I mean it took a while for it to happen. Women of all shapes and sizes need to be appreciated, it kinda of goes with the we are different, but the same speech, I don’t even like the term plus size model, in my eyes she is just a beautiful woman, I’m just happy to see that some of these stereotypes are dying off

  • MisterLopz on

    Beauty standards changed a lot through history, so it’s only natural that they include more and more types of people. I think it’s something that’s already getting better, I mean, we currently see many people who are “not in the standards” being proud of their body and defying that nature. It seems to me like a crappy culture that was created way back in time, I can see some resemblances with racism, for example. It’s something that was fed through time, and that made people see it as a normal thing, but society is slowly changing its views and perceiving that it’s a shallow thing and we are all equals.

  • SheliaN on

    I love it. Women of all sizes should be celebrated, and eventually sizes won’t matter when it comes to beauty, showing that the front cover of a magazine is not just for really skinny models anymore. I think Ashley should be proud, it’s a start for society to accept all ppl of all sizes. Although I think sports illustrated should focus more on sports than the women and the women in sports doing big things.

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