Chicago Man Shot While Streaming Live on Facebook

Social Media Reporting LIVE

It's a whole new world we're living in. 

And I'm not talking Aladdin magic carpet ride type shit.  Aladdin really was the best Disney movie and I'll fight you on that.  

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But, in a much dimmer light, I'm talking more along the lines of we're catching shootings, like, in real time type shit.

The age of social media really is somethin' else.  It's brought social injustices to the forefront and made journalists out of every day civilians.  You got a phone?  You're a gottdamn journalist on the front lines reporting live, the society in which you live in.  Back to you, facebook.

But really, nothing more true, nothing more honest than the footage from an everyday person with a cellphone.  No story to tell, no sponsors to appease, simply reality TV minus the advertisers and add well, the reality.  

Video Surfaces of Chicago Man Shot While Live Streaming

That brings us to today.  Chicago.  Aka, Chiraq to many.  The city with a reputation for violence is in the headlines again.  This time as a man streamed live from his facebook as he's shot in broad daylight.  Catch the video below.


It really is one thing to hear about it in the news but to see it happen in real time is entirely another.

ISIS Using Social Media As Recruiting Tool 

Earlier today, I was watching a documentary about how ISIS is using social media to radicalize not only middle easterners but also the disillusioned west and how at the same time, kids caught in the midst of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict are using facebook as a tool to voice their own injustices.

While many caught in the firefight of radicalized terrorists insist that many of these pages do nothing but incite more violence, they do give us a glimpse like never before into not only what is happening, but perhaps why.  

Remember when Trump said we should, "bomb the shit out em," and "take out their families?"  

Yea, well, this is actually happening in the middle east right now.  Check the video below to see how social media is reporting live on all of this.

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  • MisterLopz on

    About the Chicago victim, I think facebook played a good part on the shooting. Yes, it’s tragic that he was shot, but it would be just as tragic if he wasn’t on camera. The video can at least serve for everyone to see a reality that many choose not to see, so that can be the beggining of a public pressure to change things.

  • MisterLopz on

    The situation in Palestine is so fucked up that I don’t even know what to think about it. I agree that social media shouldn’t allow violence inciting, and there are posts that are clearly in this category. One guy in the video said that the content restriction policy should be made by a court, not by the social media company, and I believe this would be a good way to diminish this issue, as it could make more clear as to what is legal and what isn’t.
    The good thing about social media here is the reports that are made by those who are somehow involved in the conflicts, and getting their point of view is a very important thing. Like that other guy in the end of the video said, regular media is making people (especially in Israel) afraid of them, making the war even bigger. If they can use social media to express themselves and show that good people are the majority, even in war zones, the conflict is one step closer to its end.
    About the “bomb the shit out em,” and “take out their families” thing, it just shows how unprepared we, as humans, are to deal with things. The family that’s shown in the video had their house demolished because their son attacked a bus, but he had already been killed and his father surely didn’t look like someone who would follow his steps based on his death, so they put a family out of their house and aggravated a problem that seemed already over.
    The way things are going, terrorism and ISIS don’t seem like something that will be over anytime soon, so we really need a new plan to bring the world together and in peace as fast as we can.

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