Social Media Strikes Again

Nick Young Admits to Cheating on Iggy Azalea in Leaked Video Shot by Teammate

Yo.  It's either very bad timing... or very good timing that D'Angelo Russell's video of Iggy Azalea's fiance Nick Young admitting to infidelity was released ya know, around the same time that her latest single hit the radio waves.  


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Alright, let's take it easy on Iggy.  The rapper hasn't exactly been the world's favorite person the past year and as we're learning, celebrities are indeed actual people, with like, real feelings and shit.  Like her music, don't like her music, your choice dude buuuuut the stuff that's said about them does kind of affect them.  The rapper said she contemplated driving off a cliff 'cause comments got to her so bad. 

Kehlani Recovering After Suicide Attempt

Kehlani, with the Woke hand seen round the world, posted earlier this morning that she's healthy after social media scrutiny of her photo posted by PND made her feel like she wanted to end her life.

So, yea, no negative BS in the comments but, to these dudes out here, WTF are ya'll doin'?  PartyNextDoor, if that is indeed your real name, that's a douche move.  I'm not calling you a douche completely as to contradict the entire motive of this here blog.... But that definitely was douche-ish!   

D'Angelo Russell?  WTF.  I know ya'll haven't been winning and probably like, don't have a lot to do with your time and everything, but WTF.  Releasing that video?  Against bro-code.  I mean, I'm not a bro but definitely not cool.  Unless you secretly have a thing for Iggy and you like really just fuckin' care about the girl and are tryin' to like boost her career with the free publicity while swoopin in and all that jazz.  

Which, speaking of, how did they just spank ya'll by 50 points?!  You're the GOTTDAMN Lakers!  That use to mean something!!


DanielGotSkillz brought up a good point too.  Your shit DEFINITELY was not hacked. 

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It literally took the federal government to break into the San Bernardino Killer's phone.  The federal fucking government.  AKA, the MAN, Uncle Sam, Big Brother, The Illuminati, etc...   

Okay, moral of the story here, the social media phenomenon is on some real shit.  Long gone are the days of tabloids breaking the rumors.  Lesson?  Don't jump to conclusions, and guys, don't be douches? Meh? Cool, glad we had this talk.

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