"If You Knew How Much Work I Put Into My Art, You Would Not Call it Genius" #FuelYourHustle

For a second I forgot they were trying to sell us a car.  Shoutsout to this new Chevy advertisement though.


Everyone is self made but often only the successful will admit it

Michaelangelo said, 

If you knew how much work I put into my art, you would not call it genius.

Damn Daniel....

What drives you?  #Woke #StayWoke

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  • Becca on

    Wow, this left me very speechless. This is very true you are self made. You do get help from others, learn from others, and preach to others. In the end you are your main thrive and strive to be who you are and what to become. As he said, “connecting loving, serving, giving and no days off….. will pay off.”

  • MisterLopz on

    That was a great message and a very unusual advertisement, in a good way. Another good thought on it is about not waiting for the right time, but creating it. I’m not doing that, even though I know I should. I need to hustle harder haha

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