Matt Damon Goes In on Reporter Defending Teachers

Paycheck Or Passion?

Is job security your incentive to be good at what you do? Check out this old Matt Damon interview where he discusses why we do what we do and if the more money we make means we'll do a better job.

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"A teacher wants to teach.  Why else would you take a shitty salary and really long hours and do that job unless you really loved to do it?" 

Matt Damon Defends Teachers

What do you guys think?  Obviously there's a line somewhere in the middle but does your paycheck affect your passion or does your passion override your paycheck?  Let us know! Tweet @WakeYaGameUp and Comment Below! 

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  • Butch on

    The abiltiy to think like that shows you’re an expert

  • Becca on

    Matt is 100% right. People need to focus on what they love to do and not just go for the money. Be passionate on the job or career you chose to do. As a student in college majoring in Education. Becoming a teacher is my main goal, teacher salaries are not great. However, I’m not here to go for the money I am here to change life’s and help others to get there education. Money shouldn’t be the reason why you do the job, it should be more what you want to do as a passion. So do what you love that comes from the heart. In the end it is rewarding to be good and the best at what you do, than be miserable and not enjoying your job.

  • Michael A White Jr on

    I agree with Matt, people do have this way of thinking to where people think that actors or people that do those types of jobs do it for the money, honestly probably half of the people do, but some if them do love what they do, and it shows in their work, an example is music artists who love what they do musically can put out great music year after year after year, on the other hand an artist who is doing it for the money will not put out the same type of music, and will start to do it for the money. Thumbs up to Matt for saying this and kind of silencing those shallow views

  • Manny Deloera on

    Cool blog. im always sayin passion over profit an that art is therapy. The money is nice but i think the process of creating is the real reward. After working with disabled people an seeing that wished they could work it made my outlook change on art. Hope you have a good day✊?Stay Woke

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