Kendrick Lamar Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant in Fade to Black

Kendrick Lamar Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Kendrick ensures that you will understand the greatness that is Kobe Bryant in new montage.

Tonight, a legend retires.  Kobe Bryant has been the face of the Los Angeles Lakers for the past 20 years.  You could either love him or love to hate him but the respect was always there.  He faced criticism and the constant comparisons to the great Michael Jordan himself.  Both 6 foot 6 shooting guards, both masters of the craft.  Out of 8 of their meetings on the court, Kobe won 5.  Jordan stated, 

"People were offended that his game was so similar to mine.  I never was."

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He even received mentorship from the other great Michael.  The late Michael Jackson, apparently a big basketball fan, once called Bryant and advised him, 

"Don't change for them.  You have to stay focused.  If you wanna be one of the all-time greats, you have to study the all-time greats."

NBA 2K17 Legend Edition Featuring Kobe Bryant

Announced this morning, number 24 will even grace the cover of NBA 2K17 Legend Edition.


Catch his last game tonight against the Utah Jazz. 


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