Why Fat People Win-New Vlog by Snow Tha Product

New Snow Tha Product Vlog! 

Snow is BACK AT IT AGAIN with the vlogging! And this time? It's for real, for real.  Commitment, you and Snowy.  Check out her latest vlog as she discusses her top five favorite rappers, inspiration from Mr. SpaceJamGardenz himself, and how it pays to be honest with yourself!  

Snow Tha Product

Woke.TV bout to be on a whole new level! Make sure you guys tune in and SUBSCRIBE to Woke.TV for tons of new content coming straight to your laptop, desktop, or cellular device!

Oh, and another solid point.  You, the viewer, have a chance to let Snow know what you want her to talk about!  Ya'll need advice? Ya'll like the rants?  Let us know in the comments below and keep an eye out for tons of new shit headed your way! #Respeck

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  • Mwhite0124 on

    I love snow’s vlogs, and this one was great, she just looks so natural with the camera and when she speaks what’s on her mind, I just listen and laugh because with her personality she could definitely keep us entertained along with the whole woke family, keep these vlogs coming, I will always tune in

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