4 Latin American Countries With Women On Their Money

Latin American Women Featured on Money


Okay, so... America, here we are, 2016.  It has been quite a ride hasn't it?  Our first African American president is on the tail end of a two term presidency and we are finally considering putting, not only a person of color on an actual piece of like, money, but a woman at that! The OUTRAGE!  

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Yes, Donald Trump, we know you still desire to build a wall between progression and the "good 'ole days" disguised as your misogonystic and racist fanatical ploy to well, "Make America Great Again," but we are continuing to move forward.   

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In fact, the southern border that you intend to build sky high, is in fact, ahead of us in the modern era this area.  In 2010, the marking of the 200th year of Mexican Independence, Frida Kahlo's face could be seen on the 500 Pesos Note. And for over 75 years Latin American countries all over the world have featured women on their money.  

Sure, in the 1800's, the US decided to give women a shot at the $1 certificate placing Martha Washington's face portrait style, but the scene was short lived and they replaced her in 1896.  That was the last time a woman could be seen on US currency.

Latin American Countries with Women on their Money:

Nicaragua: 1941, Lillian Somoza Debayle

Costa Rica: 1998, Emma Gamboa Alvarado


Mexico: 2010, Frida Kahlo

Argentina: 2012 Eva Peron

 9-Year-Old Asks Obama, "Why Don't Women Have Coins or Dollar Bills With Their Faces on It?"

Due to a letter to Obama from Sofia, a nine-year-old from Massachusetts asking

"why don't women have coins or dollar bills with their faces on it?"

the discussion was initiated to have a woman entered into the lineup of an all white, male group.  Harriet Tubman, the woman that escaped slavery and helped thousands of slaves find the liberty that had been neglected to them was chosen to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill who had been on it for 88 years.

I grew up like a neglected weed - ignorant of liberty, having no experience of it.


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  • Mwhite0124 on

    I like this, but I’m so so on the subject though, yes I’m glad the steps are being taken towards equality and it should be a good thing. I really feel that the government is trying to cover themselves by doing this Harriet Tubman thing, saying like we are not as bad because we put a woman and a black woman at that on a piece of green paper to distinguish the fact that we can kill two birds with one stone. One putting a woman on the bill covering the whole equality thing and two black iconic woman covering the minority thing, so yes it’s amazing, but not really

  • MisterLopz on

    It’s great to see more and more steps being taken towards equalty. I know we’re sadly still far from it, but the important thing is to keep chasing it.
    On other topic, I don’t know how common it is for a country to have people on their currency, but in Brazil we have animals on our bills.

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