Burger King WOKE AF

So, if ya'll didn't know... Appppppppparently them Breakfast Burritos WOKE.  That's right, if you've been paying attention, you might have seen that Woke and Stay Woke is all over the place on social media!  Which is fucking SIIIIIICK.  

We're not mad.  We're actually pretty proud that something we've pushed so hard for has made such an impact in this culture... Just don't ya'll forget where it came from.... mmmmkay... Next step is world domination!!!



But, first Burger King hops into the Drake and Meek Mill Beef.  Ya'll remember that? We get it Burger King, the Back to Back reference with the, well, beef patties, back to back, was just undeniably clever.  Bravo.

But now them burritos? For breakfast? Are WOKE???

That's cool.  Free Promo. 


Is this culture exploitation for money hungry corporations??? 

Well... That's a discussion for another blog... In the meantime.... #staywoke


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  • Ashley on

    Hell yeah! #staywoke #pinkyandthebrain

  • Marcelo on

    Slowly taking the world!

  • DEsiree on

    That’s awesome #get #woke

  • Rachael on


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