Snow Tha Product Remixes Alessia Cara's "Here"! OFFICIAL LYRICS!

Are ya'll ready tho?!  With Snow Tha Product's first track of 2016, she lyrically obliterates (kills) this shit! 

Check out the new track here

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Produced by: Snow Tha Product X DJ Pumba

Get it HERE!  Cause this track Snow Tha Product just dropped is called "Here."  Ya'll get it though right?  HERE HERE HERE! Catch the official lyrics below!


Ill be right here 
while y’all figure out 
what u want
whether y’all want bitches hoes or women 
and while the rap game pimp all these no clothes hoes
snow gone flow and imma hit the road again and 
here goes the henny we ON in 20
we load the mini van and we get to killing all these shows so many 
that I been wondering how anyone deny it when the fans just wanna buy it 
maybe cuz they can’t control whats in me 
y’all so dependent on what these fuckin hype beasts say 
ima kick back cuz all of y’all cliche
u say u getting bread but u fetchin cheesecake 
and how the fuck are y’all freshmen if y’all pre k
cuz these days the he say she say relay 
getting wack y’all goofy aw man for pete sake 
u pretend u in the game like ea 
how are y’all sleepIN on ME like peejays
y’all the reason i aint fuckin had my heart in 
i know that i'm the only options for what's authentic 
I know somebody gotta get the blame so ill get it 
cuz i set to do this shit and now its all feeling 
like gahhdamn IM all in it 
and I’m thinking I’m too raw wit it 
they carcinogen processed beef they all gimmick  
I’ve bodied beats with the best of the beasts and I'm killin 
they ending bitches 15 minutes in like 5 minutes
I'll be here
I’m still but not stuck 
while they want me selling out and tell me that I’m not enough 
ill look whoever in the eye and lettem know thats its been tough 
but i would rather EARN it all then have  whoever think that it's  luck 
or have a rapper think its cuz 
i worked off of their buzz 
cuz I’m not gone kiss up 
I’m gone give up 
or lose the articles of clothing
this not a strip club 
one of the best to do it 
quote me i don’t give a fuck 
cuz to these suits 
oh i aint black n i aint white so i don’t gotta lane 
and i ain't got a nicki budget I don't gotta wayne 
and I ain't k dot either i don’t gotta dre 
and I ain't j cole or sean so i don’t got a jay 
all i gotta say is 
goddamn oh man this my luck 
what i get for being a female wit a flow so tough
for hitting 8 tours without as much as a tour bus 
i did it all n if you're lookin' for me 
you're in luck
I'll be here

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  • Kyle on

    He’s ONE lucky man!

  • Chakira on

    Snow is the best rapper to grace the mic!!!!!! If anyone says otherwise I’m ready to throw hands…..irritates the hell outta me…lol

  • drewdiddy on

    WOKE , snow the product x and DJ Pumba , top of the fucking line in real life no bs underground rap /hip-hop life branding yup drewdiddy

  • Mohamed 111 on


  • Amanda on

    First track of 2016 and already killin it, can’t wait for more to come STAY WOKE!!

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