Why an "All In" Approach Might Set You Up for Failure

Disclaimer: I have a minor in health.


That being said, the six classes that certified me that little humble brag have little to NOTHING to do with the following blog.

Here's the deal. I'm a normal person. Getting to the gym is a bitch and a half. Eating right? 2 and half bitches.

And this idea that we're gonna meal prep every Sunday night, get all of our macro nutrients, tuck ourselves into bed stress free, turn our minds off and get 9 hours of deep, fully rested sleep, is well, NOT GONNA HAPPEN. In most cases. And when it does, well congratuFUCKINGlations, I envy you.

Really, tho.  Our bodies are masterpieces, these miracle designs. Like, have you ever thought about how much your body is doing right now without you having to think about it?! You're fucking breathing! But stress can make you gain and lose unwanted weight!! What kinda shit and fucked up flaw is that?! You could run ten miles and be stressing about the amount of fat ur getting or if ur taking in enough protein and your stress and stress alone may be releasing chemicals into your bloodstream that prevent you from reaching your goals. So maybe it's not a flaw.

Maybe it's nature actually working FOR us.

That's why this, all or nothing approach is so dangerous. In my mediocre educated opinion.  You wanna train for that marathon? That's great. But remember, running a mile, is more than not running a mile. Substituting water for soda, is well, a small, yet substantial achievement.  And if you fuck up and have a cookie, or whatever the fuck that doesn't mean your day is a failure! Or your year, or fuck it, even ur life. Simple concept right?  Yea, but what's simple is not always easy, but chances are, if it's not easy, you're on the right track.

The other day, Snow and I were making our way to the gym. It was 8am, cold (by Southern California standards), and we didn't say two words to each other. She threw on her headphones, I threw on mine. We did our workouts. Bout an hour in, she text me, "u ready?" I said yea. On our way to the car, she said, "I really didn't wanna go to the gym this morning." I agreed.  Yet, in the midst of our moaning and groaning, we were both happy we went. She said, "the older I get the more I realize what they mean by lifestyle change."

Point is, make the small choices. They mean more than you can imagine.  If you have a goal to lose twenty five pounds and hit a plateau at 10, celebrate that achievement and keep fucking grinding. Don't just throw the towel in, say you're a failure and submit to the fact you just ain't gonna be that skinny bitch on the magazine.

And I say all this not from researching some wise medical journal, but from actual experience. I've lost twenty five pounds before and looked at myself in the mirror with such disappointment that it wasn't 30. Went and ate damn near a whole pizza and fell off the wagon, so to speak for the next year and a half. I'm learning everyday, it's little choices day in and day out. It's all those cheesy little sayings.

It's doing what you don't wanna do and forgiving yourself when you're not perfect but still getting up the next morning with your head up and eyes on the prize. It's a journey. And the journey can be a goddamn bitch. But respect it. RESPECT THAT BITCH!

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