Ghostface Killah Responds to Martin Shkreli and his "Goons"

Martin Shkreli, the man that raised an HIV drug price by 5000 percent and bought the only copy of WuTang's album for $2 Million, released a video late last month attacking the legendary rapper.  Watch that video and his latest offer here.

I gotta say, brafuckingvo, Ghostface.  Well said.

Why did he raise the price of the drug?  In the video below he discusses that well... It's all in the name of research... and a capitalistic market to maximize profit...  What do you guys think?

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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    Great response, especially the emotional speech in the end. Props to Ghost for trying to turn this “beef” into something good for people in general. Shkreli made it very clear that he is a huge Wu Tang fan, so he may end up listening to Ghost and lowering that medication’s price, at least I hope this is how it ends.

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