US Has Almost DOUBLE the Amount of People in Prison as China


America has almost, emphasis on almost, DOUBLE the prison population of the chinese.

US Prisoners: 2.2 Million

China Prisoners: 1.6 Million

Side note, the US has about, ya know, 319 Million-ish people, give or take.  China? 1.35 BILLION.... Let that simmer.

Check out this John Oliver video about the US prison system:

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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    I think the biggest problem with the prison system is that you’re never really free, I mean, of course there’s people who been through jail and achieve success, but most of them are forever seen simply as ex-cons and don’t really have many open doors, so they end up going in and out of prison.

  • ME on

    China also executes the most prisoners every year. Estimates are around 5,000, but we’ll never know the true number. Last year, the U.S. executed just 38. So…..

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