Does Obama have the Right to Appoint New Justice in Election Year?

Beyond that 6th hour US government class or that one political science class you took at community college, or flipping past CSPAN, have you really heard the term Supreme Court?  

No shade.  I had to go back and do research.  What do they actually do? Why do they matter? And why is the death of justice Antonin Scalia amidst the end of the Obama's presidency and probably the STRANGEST political battle (dude. Trump's talked about women, called Mexicans rapists and murderers AND said Pussy on live television... AND STILL HAS A CHANCE!), well, let's just go with ever, so significant?


...And a very small nutshell at that.  THEY RUN SHIT.  All the stuff that can't be handled in the lower courts?  Yea, it goes up to them.  Gay Marriage? Them.  Marijuana Legalization?  Ultimately they're decision.  Immigration?  Yea, it'll be them in their nice lil' black robes saying yes, saying no, saying "according to article 957 yada yada yada."  

BASICALLY, all the shit that WE can't decide, the controversial topics that have our facebooks sounding like the dinner table at Thanksgiving,  it's in their hands.  They're like mom or dad, or the teacher that, at the end of the day have the where with all and can end ANY argument with, "because I said so." As long as they word it nicely enough to fit inside they're interpretation of the constitution of course.


It's safe to say, he was a conservative.  And for 3 decades? Yea, he'd been making well, far right decisions.  Let's take a look at some of those decisions:

1. “I’m not comparing homosexuality to murder, I’m comparing the principle that a society may not adopt moral sanctions, moral views, against certain conduct.”  I meeeeean, kinda sounds like you're comparing homosexuality to murder.

2. He's also compared Arizona's immigration law to states' right to forbid bank robbery -- or to exclude freed black people during the era of slavery.  Ya know, the law where you can liiiiike legally discriminate and like ask people for papers and shit? 

Obama?  Well, you could say he's a little more left.  So? Well, guess who appoints a Supreme Court justice?  For life. Yea...  The President.  But some are arguing that it's an election year so Obama doesn't have that right. Hence the controversy.     

Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell stated,

"The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice.  Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president."

I mean, if Obama was in your party would you be saying the same thing Mr. McConnell?

What do you guys think? Does Obama have the right to choose the next supreme court justice? 

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