Beyonce "Formation" Video

You've probably seen the Super Bowl Performance.  And by now, you've either seen or heard about the video.  Watch it here. 

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Side Note: If you feel "bothered," "uncomfortable," or "moved" by this video, that my friends, is the POWER of music.  THAT is a VERY big indicator that said music has just said some fuckin' truth. 

Beyonce already done did it all.  She could've quit like 10 years ago and still been richer than the next person by like 6 lifetimes.  She is the EPITOME of living legend.  Why in the WORLD would she not use her position to use her voice?!  And she's aware too:  

"You that bitch when you cause all this conversation."

The fact that this video and her Super Bowl performance is being this scrutinized may be a  that there are some issues in society.  Let's not be naive, yea?

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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    It’s good to see an artist of her influence standing up and using her voice. She’s a role model for so many people and I’m sure she has a huge impact in their way of thinking. I hope more artists join her in this movement.

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