Miami Police Dept. Votes on Boycott for Beyonce's Formation World Tour

Just when you thought Beyonce was simply gonna be the main one in Destiny's Child...  Or simply go solo. Or simply be Jay Z's wife... Or simply just drop surprise fuckin' albums and change the entire fuckin' music industry, she THEN simply makes her own fuckin' rules and straight up gives us Deja Vu of the Straight out of Compton era.

That's right, she has the police scared.  Scared enough to vote on a boycott of her upcoming World Tour.

Was that her intention? Or was it just some dope ass imagery that represents the way that New Orleans was forgotten about during Katrina wrapped in with the fact that we're STILL dealing issues of police brutality in 2016.

Former New York City Mayor, Rudi Giuliani, went on none other than Fox News after the Super Bowl to state his dislike for the Beyonce performance saying that it was "outrageous" and an "attack on officers."  The night before the event, she dropped a video which has since been views over 27 million times that has been raising some eyebrows. She sinks with a New Orleans Police car at the end of the video and signs of "Stop Shooting Us" are tagged on walls.




This afternoon, Lt. Javier Ortiz from the Miami Police Department made a statement calling all police officers everywhere to boycott her shows on the Formation World Tour because she: 

"used this year's Super Bowl to divide Americans with her anti-police message."  

What do you guys think?  In my opinion, there is no one more fucking gangster than Beyonce.  But you may disagree.   Tweet @Wakeyagameup or comment.  Are you an officer? Do you know an officer? Were they offended? Are you offended? 

Check out this video where Charlamagne Tha God educates Tomi Lahren.

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  • Marcelo Lopes on

    He’s claiming that she tried to divide Americans, so he suggests boycotting her. His suggestion doesn’t seem like something that would bring unity… As Charlamagne said on the debate, Beyoncé is not against police, but against police brutality. I don’t know how people fail to see this. Instead of making their part to get people’s trust, they choose to act like there’s nothing wrong, and that’s why bad cops still exist.

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