"Proud Sluts" Damaging Women's Rights?

Are Proud Sluts Damaging Women's Rights?

It's been less than 100 years since women have been allowed to vote.  Let that sit for a minute.  And up until 1968, a landlord could LEGALLY not rent to a woman for NO other reason than she had a well, not to make it graphic, but vagina. 

Ya'll been in middle school at some point and you probably memorized that one little line in the constitution, "All Men Are Created Equal." Despite the fact that the 19th amendment enabled us to vote, there is nothing in the constitution or any legislation that guarantees a woman the same equal rights as a man. 

Here's some other quick facts you might not know about women's rights:

1. Women make $.78 to what men make

2. Only 17% of congress is made up of women

3. Up until 1974, a woman could not have a credit card in her own name.

4. Until 1978, a woman could be fired from her job for being pregnant. 

So yea, times have changed a bit but we're kind of this awkward, we want to be taken serious but we want to run rampant and do whatever we please phase. 

Counterproductive to women's rights?

With all the controversy surrounding slut shaming vs. women's rights to the fact that there's a substantial shot (love her or hate her) that a woman could legitimately be running the country in a few months, things sure have changed from the initial fight for the simple right to vote.  Which is still strange that there's a convo to be had about if we're "ready" for a woman president. 

Snow posted to her IG earlier today and the trail of comments ensued on both sides of the fence.  What do ya'll think?  Are we pushing the envelope a little too far? And sure, we all want the rights to do what we please with OUR bodies, but are these the same ethics and morals that you would wish to teach your own children?   



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  • Leelani Chavez on

    Well Said Rachael!

  • Isaiah T. on

    First things first, I recognize that I’m a dude and my say on this issue means very little in the presence of women talking about other women so just take this as some random dude on the internet’s 2cents.

    The WORST thing about living in a male dominated society… is that the [awful] examples we emulate and learn from, are sometimes done unconsciously and takes YEARS to unlearn. I’m still unlearning s**t and am not perfect by a long shot.

    When I see someone like Snow [whom I love and support since day 1] post something like this I know a LOT of people feel this way. Especially blacks/latinxs/asian and indigenous folks — especially women. Women ALREADY live in a marginalized society where they have to live by these arbitrary rules [established by men…usually white men]. Where their skirt being too long means being a prude, or their skirt being too short means being a “slut” [or worse … “asking for it”].

    The worst, WORST thing women can do is blame other women for how they portray themselves [this is actually a symptom of what we’ve learned from men and we ALL need to stop perpetuating that.] You’re right, you should be allowed to be as demure and “classy” as you want. You should be allowed to dress as scantly and raunchy as you want.

    But who some other woman has sex with, or how many partners she’s has doesn’t affect the movement in anyway. When we say “these proud sluts are damaging the women’s rights movement.” I’d argue that you probably need to take a good look at women’s rights. Especially the roles marginalized women have played in getting preventative care legalized in the US, Asia, ESPECIALLY Mexico and South America. Take a good look at how women in Mexico got birth control legalized [hell, a woman’s right to even have abortions wasn’t legal until the damn 90s].

    I said all that to say this, women being proud to be “sluts.” Is in direct response to years, decades, centuries of men dictating how/when/where women should be having sex. It doesn’t ‘harm’ the movement, it’s actually been a part of it for quite some time.

    Now here’s the hard part, typically when something as common as slut shaming makes it into pop-culture [meaning… when a whole buncha white people get wind of it]. It’s harder to determine whose really standing up for the rights of folks who just want to be open and thoughtful about their choice of whom they have sex with. I TOTALLY get that, but please stay focused. Because I’m sure you’ve had sex, the person who wrote this has possibly had sex … maybe even with more than one person in their life. And for some jerks, that’s enough to call you a slut and other derogatory terms and brand them as not worthy of love.

    Don’t be the person who does that. We all can’t wear turtlenecks and baggy jeans and have sexual partners that turn into spouses. That’s just not logical OR how the world works.

  • D on

    I honestly beleive women should make just as much as men. They do deserve every chance a man does. Yeah a woman president would be rough. Alot of allegations though i feel are false. I feel strong about women eqaul rights.

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